Tuesday, 14 June 2011

inner beauty or outside ?

sometimes, people just look or judge other people by it cover .
and it's hurt the most ! yes, beauty and good looking was the important one to be look at .
I'm not kinda girl who's perfectly beautiful as you, can dress up well . ya, it's not me, I doesn't have that characteria  but at least I have something that you doesn't have ! 
mybe not in beauty but in other scale who's know right ?
I'm really thankful to Allah to give me all those gifted that I only had that :')
EYLA, SIERRA, ADHA, thanks you guys for your helped and sporting . I really-2 don't know how to pay back all those kindness, the way you guys treat me and advice you told me :')
you wanna see this pretty awesome girl ? 
sure I can show you, wait-2 

haaa, this one is NURUL ADHA, 15, sitting for PMR this year . wish her luck XDD stay at rawang :) 
ILYSM <3 <3 <3 

this another one !
SIERRA ELMIRA, 16 shah alam :)
ILY <3 <3 BABE :)

last one XDD
ini budak saya sayang sangat tahu ! sangat sayang <3 <3 <3
NURUL NABILAH , 17 bibik sepenuh masa :PP